The Nameless has gone straight in at No.1!!

You lovely persons have made me blush and swoon. Thank you for being the best fans a woman could ask for.
Bashfully, but sincerely yours, Cathy x

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Cathy’s blog

Well, here I am. Having finished another Bare Bones Tour I have my calluses leathered up and my larynx all a’limbered. We had a colourful time driving around our moist country with a trunk full of rickety drums and bite sized instruments. But the time has come to put away our childish toys and prepare for a larger noise.

The album has been pressed up and is waiting in a box somewhere near you to be chosen and cared for. And unlike our unfortunate four legged friends, The Nameless can indeed be just for Christmas. In fact, It would make a fine Christmas present for those with demanding jobs and small back gardens.

The Nameless is a meaty beast, I treated it with respect, but must admit I had to hold it’s head under water a few times until it complied. The new songs are proving to be as raucus and juicy in the rehearsal room as I had hoped when I was writing them. My new friend is a nasty banjo who grates his way around songs like a dentists drill. If you wish to meet him then pop into one of the upcoming shows. He will be the one strapped to the trunk of a blonde woman who will be shouting in short bursts of approximately 3 minutes for about an hour and a half. This, they tell me, is music. I would tend to agree.

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